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1. Multiply Conveyor Belt
Application : General use
Range of productions :
      Belt width : 400 ~ 1675mm
      Belt strength : 100 ~ 2400 Kgf/cm
      No of ply : 2 ~ 8 plies
      Overall thickness : 30mm max.
2. Sunlon Conveyor Belt
Sunlon is brand name for these belts constructed of fewer plies

Application :
This series belts provides extensive specifications for various service conditions from conveyance of bulk materials like gravel, crushed stone, fertilizer and minerals ores to larger lump materials.

Features :
  1. Less ply structure : can be used with a small-diameter pulley
  2. High bending-resistance and excellent troughability.
  3. Can be easily spliced by cold vulcanizing.
  4. High impact-resistance that gives less damage to the core fabric.
  5. Its cover rubber is highly resistant to chip cut and abrasion, thus ensuring the belt's longevity.
  6. It can handle crushed stone with a bulk size of 500mm.
3. Bucket Elevator Belt

Applications :
Buckets can be attached to this vertically installed belt, which is suitable for conveying bulk materials such as grains and cement materials and products.

Range of production :
Belt width: 300 ~ 1675mm Tensile strength : 400 ~ 2400 Kgf/cm
4. Related Products :
a. Cold Splicing Material (SUNPAT-S).

Features of SUNPAT-S :
  1. Shorter Curing Time
    The Belt can be operation only two hours after work is completed.
  2. Wider Applicable Range
    SUNPAT-S is also applicable to SBR type heat resistant and oil resistant belt.
  3. High Peeling Off Resistance
    Eventhough cushion rubber is not used it is highly resistant to peeling off caused by bending.
  4. Operational efficiency is Increased
    With its quick drying performance yet highly adhesiveness it eliminates problem such as mis-positioning. Finishing is also simple.
b. Hot Splicing Material

Consist of :
1. Tie Gum *
2. Cover rubber *
3. Cement rubber *
4. Cleaning solvent
* ( Name according to the grade )

Polyester Fabric
EP-100 ( 100 Kgf/cm.ply )
EP-150 ( 150 Kgf/cm.ply )
EP-200 ( 200 Kgf/cm.ply )
EP-250 ( 250 Kgf/cm.ply )
EP-300 ( 300 Kgf/cm.ply )
Short take-up travel
Heavy duty
Long span
Impact resistance
Nylon Fabric
NN-100 ( 100 Kgf/cm.ply )
NN-150 ( 150 Kgf/cm.ply )
NN-200 ( 200 Kgf/cm.ply )
NN-250 ( 250 Kgf/cm.ply )
NN-300 ( 300 Kgf/cm.ply )
High impact resistance
High bending resistance
Wide selection available

1. RMA - 1
       DIN Grade M
       BS Grade M
       AS Grade M
2. RMA - 2 ( JIS-S Equivalent )
       DIN Grade N
       BS Grade N
       AS Grade N
3. JIS - G
4. JIS - L

The rubber cover specified in standard such as Deutche Normen ( DIN ), British standard ( BS ), etc. are available.

Used as cover rubber for general and high tension conveyor belt. Superior in abrasion resistance, cut and gouge resistance. Suitable for conveying large size lump, sharp and rugged materials.

Used as cover rubber for general conveyor belt. Superior in abrasion resistance.

Used for cover rubber general purpose

Used as cover rubber for light duty

1. HR - 510
    ( Heat Resistant No. 510 )

2. HR - 710
    ( Heat Resistant No. 710 )

SBR type standard Heat Resistant belt with excellent abrasion resistance. Max. temperature of material handled is about 150 oC. Suitable for conveying the following materials : hot sintered ore, hot pellet, hot clinker, hot chemical fertilizer, etc.

Special compound with ethylene propylene rubber, features excellent heat resistance and abrasion resistance. Max. temperature of materials handled is about 400 oC and max. temperature of belt surface is 180 oC. Suitable for powdery materials such as cement products, due to its non- cracking properties.

Typical applications : hot clinker, hot powder, hot sintered ore, etc.
1. OR - 210
    ( Oil Resistant No. 210 )
2. OR - 220
    ( Oil Resistant No. 220 )

Excellent oil resistance.
Generally used to convey materials soaked with or containing oil with the exception of aromatic solvent, halogenated hydro carbon, ketone or ester.

Medium oil resistance with cold resistance.

Typical applications : wood chips, refrigerated fish, etc.

FR - 300 J
The flame resistance belt designated for general use, e.g. in underground operations.
Chemical Resistant
For handling variouskinds of chemicals. Please contact BANDO or your nearest BANDO agent.

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